The Power of Design Thinking in Your SAP Fiori App Development Process

In today’s massive digital landscape, the importance of custom application development has increased big time.

With the advent of cloud and mobile revolution,businesses can easily develop web apps that are tailored to their needs.

A Bit about SAP Fiori

SAP offers an incredible cloud platform. Through their platform, customers can build, run and extend their SAP environments.

SAP Fiori is SAP’s initiative to personalize and simplify the user experience. It provides a role-based, consumer-grade solution that can work incredibly across different devices.

With visually pleasing designs and user-intuitiveness, SAP Fiori can have amazing benefits for businesses.

Design Principles in SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is created with design thinking at the core. Here are some of the design principles that are part of its philosophy:


SAP Fiori takes into account business roles that need to be accomplished. It can be customized in line with a particular business’s unique needs.Providing critical insights, it helps them make important decisions.


The interface is visually attractive. It keeps things in perspective and lets the team collaborate efficiently.


SAP Fiori has a consistent interface. Whether it is managing orders or reviewing KPIs, everything is displayed in a coherent manner.


The platform is simple and easy to use. By helping manage relevant business functions effectively, it ensures that everybody is on the same page.


SAP Fiori is supported across all devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. This ensures that everybody has information at their fingertips. This allows for insightful decision-making.

Building Fiori Apps with Crave InfoTech

Crave InfoTech is one of the leading proponents of digitizing work.It has partnered with SAP and helps provide businesses with revolutionary solutions.

The company offers businesses a platform through which they can build their own apps without any coding experience. Among many other advantages to this, it reduces deployment and support costs by up to 80 percent.

Building your app with Crave InfoTech is a simple, 3-step process.Let’s look into it:


Crave InfoTech provides more than 50 pre-packaged apps that can be ready for deployment in two to six weeks.


After a business has acquired the app, they can customize the app according to their unique needs. Through Crave InfoTech’s software solution, the company can configure users and even manage multiple apps remotely.

Secure and Deploy

After this, the app gets encrypted and deployed through secure mechanisms. The business can then use the app on a protected platform.

With a team of tech enthusiasts, Crave InfoTech offers enhanced user experience with SAP Fiori. They can implement the platform and allow businesses to create their own apps.  


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