How to Prevent Theft in Warehouses

Theft isn’t an uncommon problem for a warehouse – its negative implications don’t just place you, your expensive goods, and your staff in danger but also expose security loopholes that endanger your warehouse’s reputation.

Here’s our security guard services provider outlining how one can prevent theft in warehouses:

1. Rotate staff shifts

Often, it’s difficult for a staff member to carry out a crime without anyone detecting it. This means workers in the same shift may form alliances – conspiring other staff members to either keep quiet about what they’ve witnessed or help carry out the theft.

However, rotating staff shifts can stop such partnerships because staff can’t rely on working with the same individuals every day.

2. Understand seasonal risks

Season peaks usually mean bringing in more staff to cope with the demand. If possible, background checks must be thoroughly carried out on every worker – even if they’re not a permanent employee.

Another way of mitigating this risk is to outsource adhoc work to organizations that have already fully vetted their staff. If these options aren’t feasible, consult a security guard company, they’ll help you strengthen the security of your warehouse.

a worker in warehouse3. Make stealing unacceptable

Numerous companies like to talk about their values of integrity and trust. While this is pretty commendable, it usually leads to a culture that depends heavily on these values and lacks strict measures to counteract crime.

If you want to create a culture that deters staff from crime, bring in a zero-tolerance policy alongside an understanding that stealing from the warehouse is not acceptable.

4. Monitor staff – and ensure they know you’re doing it

While security solutions like CCTV seem like an easy fix for warehouse theft, many CCTV systems aren’t monitored as well as they should, and the staff is well aware of it.

If monitoring cameras isn’t possible for you, start randomly scheduled monitoring of the warehouse floor. Unscheduled and unannounced security walkarounds and management – coupled with the car, bag, and locker searches – can help stamp out opportunistic crime.

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