How to Properly Store Your Gun

Owning a gun comes with a huge responsibility to safely carry and store it, especially if you live with children. From a legal standpoint, you must be mindful of the federal regulations regarding gun safety and storage in your house.

Along with teaching gun safety to your children, there’s a range of ways in which you can store your firearms properly to ensure that it’s out of reach of your little one. This article highlights 3 of them.

1.  Put It in a Gun Safe

Gun safes are one of the most popular options to store firearms. They are theft and fireproof and are sturdy enough to withstand hard tools — making them an excellent option to keep guns away from the high spirited and curious young ones.

Whether you have to store one gun or multiple, safes come in a range of different sizes to fit the need. Some safes also have biometric locks that require a swipe of hand to make it more secure.


2.  Hidden from Sight

If you don’t have a safe, there are plenty of options that you can choose to hide the guns from your kids’ sight. Along with concealment furniture like benches, shelves, and couches, there are garment bags, cabinets with secret compartments, mirrors, and books that can help conceal your gun.  These are hollowed out objects and may seem to go unnoticed from your children.

3. Telling Them about Gun Safety

While keeping the gun out of reach and sight might work if your kids are under 2 years old, it’s not the safest strategy if you have toddlers or slightly older kids around. Children are smart enough to observe their parent’s actions. Never be fooled by their innocence—they’ll probably get curious about what you’re hiding if they get the slightest hint.


Research shows that children living in homes with a gun are well-aware of all the hiding spots despite their parents thinking that they don’t know. Therefore, it’s best to teach your children about gun safety and be upfront with them about its hazards.

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