Protecting Your Network against DDOS Attacks – A Simple Guide

It is not usual for a company’s website to become unresponsive due to overwhelming online traffic generated by customers.

This isn’t a major source of concern because it can be solved by using additional resources to boost the site’s performance and ability to handle the surge in traffic. However, your website can also stop responding due to malicious cyber-attacks from hackers seeking to cause damage to your business.


What are the effects of DDoS attacks?

Even a temporary shutdown of your company’s online presence can cost you a substantial amount of money and damage the reputation of your business. The attacks used to paralyze websites and networks are called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and can be very extensive in nature.

Thousands of computes worldwide can take part in the attack and generate an overwhelming amount of useless traffic that renders a website inaccessible. Severe DDoS attacks can last for several hours, or even days, depending on the motives of the attacker and the ability of the organization to bring these attacks under control.

severe ddos attacks

Immense damage can be caused to financial institutions by DDoS attacks as their clients are not able to make online transactions.

E-commerce websites also suffer greatly when they are subjected to DDoS attacks their online customers simply go to other websites when they find the company’s site inactive.

DDoS attacks make up a significant portion of all cyber-attacks on businesses belonging to the financial sector. They have been increasing exponentially over the past couple of years.

How can you ward off DDoS attacks?

isp provider

When a network comes under a DDoS attack, there is very little that can be done because its defenses are totally overrun. However, a few measures can be carried out to minimize the harmful effects of these kinds of attacks:

1. Early detection

Detecting the onset of a DDoS attack in its early stages is not easy. It is hard to tell the difference between a normal traffic spike and the beginning of a DDoS attack, but by recruiting a skilled IT team with the right equipment, it is possible to detect the initial stages of a DDoS attack.

This early detection gives you the opportunity to use alternate means to ensure that your network stays up and running to cater to your customers.

2. Help provided by ISP provider

An ISP provider will also be able to tell you about the onset of a DDoS attack and re-route your website’s traffic. Many reliable ISP providers and web hosting services offer protection against DDoS attacks.

3. Use advanced technologies

Many companies are also turning toward load balancing software to balance traffic across different servers within a network. Cloud based filters are also being employed to filter out DDoS relate traffic.


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