PWB vs. PCB—Some Differences You Should Know

In the electronics industry, a device requires many components to work properly. PCB assemblies and PWB are two of those components. However, many people tend to get confused between these two as the function is almost similar.

This article discusses some PWB vs. PCB differences that every electronic industry manufacturer should know.

What is PCB?

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, and is a board that allows the transfer of electricity from one layer of the board to another. Moreover, the electricity can also transfer from one side of the board to the other side.

But that’s not the only function of PCB assemblies. PCB assemblies make the product circuit more functional and easy to use. PCBs don’t act just as a connection or transfer point; instead, they have many tiny components on their board, facilitating an electronic device’s operation.

What is PWB?

After discussing PCBs, let us discuss PWBs.

A PWB stands for a Printed Wiring Board that uses a glass epoxy structure. This epoxy substrate is used to attach elements to electronic circuits. By doing this and forming connections, electronic manufacturers can create a fully-functional final electronic device.

In the PWB construction process, materials are etched so that electronic manufacturers can develop a combination of conduction and insulation surfaces.

Differences Between PWB and PCB

When comparing PCBs with PWBs, we can conclude that PCB is a complete board consisting of all the circuits and components. On the other hand, PWBs are just boards without electrical components. Moreover, PCBs are finished, and electronic manufacturers can install them in electronic devices without further construction. However, PWBs aren’t actual boards and don’t have any complex functionalities. They’re actually a term used to describe the production of simple boards and the use of those circuit boards in electronic devices.

Since PWB has no fitted components, it has multiple soldering holes where manufacturers can install wires. A PWB must pass through complex construction processes to transform into a PCB assembly. This complex construction includes physical and chemical processes, including installing electronic components on PWB.

Person installing a PCB assembly in a device

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