Questions You Should Ask When Renting an Ice Machine

When you run a bar, there is always one thing that you can never have enough ice. With every drink that gets served, your ice supply dwindles. If your demand is outpacing your current supply capacity, then it’s time to get a better commercial ice machine.

These machines are perfect for your business, weddings, holiday parties, and any event where drinks are being served. They provide ample amounts of ice so that your customers, guests, and patrons won’t have to wait long to enjoy a refreshing drink. Here are several factors that you need to keep in mind before renting out an ice machine

How Many People Can It Serve?

The most critical question is how many people can be served by the ice machine. The volumes will be different for each business. By having the right machine to meet your existing demand you will be able to optimize your firm’s efficiency. For example, if you run a bar then you need ice machines that can produce in larger volumes than compared to a small office firm.

What Type of Ice Machine Do You Need?

The most common type is the ice machine with a built-in storage bin. These are good for small businesses because they do not need to be connected to a water line or drain.

Another popular option is an under-counter ice machine. This type of unit is installed under the counter and uses a drain line to connect it to your plumbing system. These units have the advantage of being able to produce more ice than a built-in unit, but they require more space in your kitchen and should not be placed near any sources of heat, such as stoves or ovens.

What Type of Ice Do You Need?

The most popular type of ice cubes is regular and half ones. Crescent ice on the other hand helps to fill the glasses more easily and provides for a richer drinking experience. While crushed ice is perfect for smoothies and juices. Other types of ice include full cube, nugget ice, block ice, and spheres.

Maintenance and Cleaning

If you run a busy commercial establishment then you truly understand that ice is the backbone of your business. This is why you simply cannot afford any downtimes on your machines. It is important to get a rental ice machine from a company that has a good track record of repairs and maintenance.



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Rent Commercial Ice Machines LA

When you rent an ice machine, you’re investing in your business. This investment should be right for your needs and fit into your larger vision for your business. The more questions you ask about a potential ice machine rental, the more information you will have about the quality of the ice machine and the company that rents it out to you. That way, you will have full confidence in your decision-making ability.

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