A Quick Guide to Conducting a Realistic Job Preview

A promising employee leaving your organization, in the beginning, isn’t easy for any employer to take. While there could be multiple circumstantial reasons that you may not control, you have power over the impression you give to a potential new hire.

Unrealistic job previews have been known to cause a too early turnover, which is disastrous for your existing employees. Research shows those job expectations that aren’t met lead to low job satisfaction, which causes newcomers to quit. Here’s you can conduct a realistic job preview for your business.

Employee Testimonials

While recruiting for a specific role, you should keep in mind that recruitment is a two-way street. Your organization isn’t the only one who evaluates the candidate; applicants are also assessing whether they’ll be a cultural fit in your business. A poor culture fit can cost a company anywhere between 50 to 60 percent of the employee’s annual salary due to turnover.

Research has found that 55 percent of job seekers considered employee testimonials more trustworthy than videos produced by the company. Rather than staging a scripted video of employees raving about your firm, you can use videos to give potential hires an accurate picture of what it’s like to work at your company, the values that drive your organization, and what expectations they should have about the job.

Interactive Simulations

An online situational test is a great way to test newcomers’ potential in your organization to see how they’d react in each situation. It can also help them reflect on the type of work they’ll be doing and what a typical day is like on the job.

Harvard Business Review has stated that 76 percent of businesses with over 100 employees use external hiring tests. To implement this RJP, you may need the help of a third-party vendor that specializes in setting up situational judgment tests.

Hiring Manager Feedback

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Studies have shown that hiring managers’ videos would make applicants 46 percent more likely to think about taking the job and 30 percent more likely to apply or reply to a recruiter.

One of the biggest concerns for new employees is who their line manager or direct supervisor will be. You can give a realistic picture to potential hires via a video of your managers providing feedback on the company’s culture, expectations of new team members, and any reward schemes applicable in their department.


Studies have shown that too early turnover can signify to existing employees that an organization is not effective in its recruitment process. Informing a candidate about the job and organizational expectations during the interview can help the candidate decide better about their career and the future of your company.

Giving them an accurate picture of your organization can help you to reduce the costs of spending time on culturally unfit applicants and increase the chances of employee retention if the interviewee accepts the offer.

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