Ready, Set, Go! Shifting From E-Commerce To M-Commerce

There are 1.92 billion global digital buyers and ecommerce sales account for 13.7 percent of global digital sales. These numbers indicate that businesses are investing time and money into establishing websites and letting their customers conduct online transactions. What’s next?


Mobile commerce is expected to account for 67.2 percent of all digital sales in 2019. From developing dedicated apps, to using push notifications, and making sure their websites are mobile responsive, businesses are actively taking steps to ensure they are ready to go mobile.

What Is M-Commerce?

While still under the umbrella of e-commerce, m-commerce involves the use of mobile phone applications for online shopping. This makes it easier for the tech-savvy generation to shop from anywhere in the world and have items delivered at their doorstep.

Mobile phones are reachable and portable at any time during the day. Consumers don’t have to reach for their desktops every time they want to make a purchase. M-commerce maximizes the mission and applications of e-commerce. It gives business owners a chance to increase their consumer base and build a broader, more diverse audience.

Look around you. How many people are on their phone right now, at this very moment?

We tend to spend the majority of our time on our phones, mindlessly scrolling, commenting and buying things impulsively. There are 2.5 billion smartphone users right now, as we near the end of 2019. Over 50% of search queries are made using smartphone devices.

There’s no reason to not shift your business toward m-commerce, while keeping the traditional practices of e-commerce intact.

The following are the key benefits of m-commerce:

Faster Purchases

All of us hate websites that take ages to load—only to end up reloading or landing on the wrong page.

Faster purchases mean that the customers won’t get time to rethink about their purchase. It also means that they will get to the checkout section faster without any second thoughts.

By offering a mobile app, Amazon managed to increase their audience from 43 million to 67 million customers in 2015. In the early 2019, their sales were up by $72.4 billion.

A mobile application not only gives businesses an edge and feasibility, but it also enhances the customer experience. Your brand will be discussed far and wide for the convenience your mobile app provides.

Enhanced Customer Service

Customers are increasingly demanding customer service representatives to be available round the clock, to answer their queries instantly.

M-commerce not only makes this communication easier, but also provides many different avenues for quick customer service. Businesses can incorporate chat bots, voice search and individually tailored responses to make the customers feel heard and valued.

M-commerce apps are known to make the shopping experience exclusive, interactive, convenient and fast. Customers value simplicity and efficiency. If your mobile app can meet these requirements, you’re well prepared to reap the benefits of m-commerce.

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