The Real Cost of Losing Your Smart Phone – Explained

What would happen if you lost your cell phone? How would you react? For most of us, it can be a nightmare because we rely so much on our phones. Mobile phones are no longer just a communication device. There is much more to them.

Simply put, our phones have become our personal computer. They contain an enormous amount of our personal information. When we lose our phone, we lose this confidential information as well. Many smartphone users don’t pay much attention to phone security, which can turn out to be a nuisance if we end up losing our phones. In fact, if you don’t secure your phone, there is a great chance you may not recover it.

Breaking down losses

Aside the financial loss, you will lose your contact information. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many people use smartphones to access work emails. If you lose your phone, you may experience issues in communicating with your colleagues. Let’s not forget all your personal photos, messages, emails, videos and more.

It’s safe to say that the cost of losing a mobile phone is incredibly high. Recovering lost phones can be a never-ending, challenging process.

How to protect your smartphone

Here are some tips to protect your device:

  • Avoid leave your phone out in public places – parks, restaurants, etc. Always carry it in your bag.
  • Avoid using your phone in shady areas. Instead of original phone accessories, use copies in these places.
  • Remember your smartphone information. Write it down in a note book. Make sure you know your phone model, manufacturer code, IMEI number and the pin / security lock code.
  • Lock your phone to prevent unauthorized user from accessing it.
  • If your phone has been stolen, inform your network operator immediately. Ask them to block your hand set and account details.

Last, but not least, register your phone with PhoneAngel. As millions of Americans lose their phones every year, PhoneAngel help them locate mobile phone and help it recover quickly and safely. The phone recovery company doesn’t charge a monthly membership fee to users.

In fact, anyone can join PhoneAngel for free. But, they will have to pay the company after their lost phone has been found.

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