Reasons Why Your Conversion Rate Is Declining

Getting people to your website is the easier part. With a comprehensive SEO strategy, you can drive consistent traffic to your website. However, getting traffic is just one step of the end-goal—revenue. For revenue, you need converting traffic. If that’s not happening, you need to figure out what’s sabotaging your conversion rate.

According to Smart Insights, the average conversion rate for retail e-Commerce websites, as well as another sectors, falls between 1 and 5 percent. If your website’s rate is sitting below the average in your industry, you’re missing out on considerable sales and revenue from the\ leads on your web pages.

The basis of a low conversion rate can often be associated with simple mistakes, most brought on by inexperienced marketers. We’ve picked out possible ways your conversion rate is declining.

Low-quality content

You establish your brand’s identity by creating content. A visitor judges your entire business by reading the few paragraphs of text on your website. If your content is subpar in any way, it reflects poorly on your brand. And what visitor will make a purchase from a website this can’t get their content right?

Unclear calls-to-action

Revisit each of your web pages, from homepage to the blog posts. Are your calls-to-action (CTAs) easy to find?

Ideally, your CTAs should be scattered strategically—bold font, appealing design, unobtrusive locations—throughout your website, so that leads cannot navigate for too long before running into one.

Spammy, unreliable design

The average modern online user is smart, more informed due to easy access of information, social media and web applications on mobile. When it comes to converting leads, trying too hard, using in-your-face pop-ups and over-persuasive tone, has actually exactly the opposite of ithentended effect.

Difficult forms

Yes, you need vital details from your visitors, but remember that long forms are always discouraging. A case study reveals that, merely dropping the number form fields from 11 to 4 can result in a 120 percent boost in conversion rates. If your forms are too detailed, hard-to-understand, or take too much time to load and process, you are chasing away potential customers, often mid-purchase!

Lack of information

Visitors want to know what they’re signing up for before they fill out forms. What’s your company’s history, customer track record and their experiences? Does your website have a social reach?

“Information” is not limited to introductory pages and product descriptions; you need to invest in landing pages, social media marketing, and maybe even introduce email subscription to provide leads and customers with timely updates about any new products or services.

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