Recipe for Success – Ideas For Culinary Marketing Videos

Cooking videos have fast become one of the most addicting online content forms in recent times. Our social feeds are often full of delectable content that makes us want to head to the kitchen and whip something up. Channels like Buzzfeed’s offshoot Tasty have made a big name for themselves based on bite-sized snippets of recipes.

Restaurants can up their marketing game by creating inventive and decadent food videos to drive higher customer engagement. A lot of people have ditched traditional recipe books in favor of online videos. So marketers can get customers to interact with a business through creative food videos online. Food blogs will not only make your culinary business more accessible to consumers, they can boost audience interaction with your brand as well.

Below are some creative culinary videos ideas to implement for your business or food blog.

How-To Food Videos

Food videos are a great way of engaging with your online consumer base. Food tutorials and how-to videos are one of the most popular food videos online. You can create tutorial videos based on your target audience. For example, if your viewers are cooking beginners, you can create a video on how to chop up different vegetables. Or if your audience is based on experts, then you can perhaps create a video on how to prepare sushi, etc.

Put Some Personality Into Your Recipes

Classic recipes remain the same throughout the years. But different people can create their own renditions and put their own twist on the recipes, thus infusing them with their own personality and creating something unique. You can imbue your brand personality into a recipe video so that your audience remembers it.

Humorous Food Videos 

Everyone appreciates humor and food videos don’t have to be serious all the time. Humor and mirth can electrify your food videos and make them more interesting for the customers. You can create videos with chefs who have a flair for fun.


Cook With Kids

Watching kids cook is always a delight. Incorporating young, cute chefs into your cooking videos will make them a huge hit. You can have them cook kid-friendly recipes or snacks, such as cookie dough bites or PB&J sandwiches.

Street Food Videos

You can take to the streets of your city and discover the local street food culture. It’s a great way to showcase what your city has to offer and what different cultures come together to make up your city.

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