Restaurant Menu Design Tips for an Outstanding First Impression

A well designed and well thought out restaurant menu can enhance a customer’s dining experience. Often, this crucial factor is often forgotten about and not enough time is spent on menu design.

The menu is a lot more than a list of dishes served at the restaurant, it’s a vital advertising tool that communicates the identity of the business.

Your menu available online should also be equally enticing, especially since ordering takeout is now the only way a dining experience can be achieved.

Here are some menu design tips revealed by experts:

Carefully consider how the menu should be arranged

The average customer spends 109 seconds reading a menu. For a restaurant that offers a wide selection of food, that’s not a lot of time. You have to catch the eye of your customer by choosing your best dishes to keep the customer interested.

The aim, however, if to try to keep the menu to one or maximum two pages so that the customer isn’t overwhelmed. In order to keep it short and sweet, you need to make the most of the space you have, that means, descriptions should be short and crisp so that customers aren’t confused about the dish.

Keep the text legible

While calligraphy looks beautiful, it’s not the most appropriate choice for a restaurant menu. Restaurant menus should be easy to read since many restaurants tend to be dim lit. The online menu too should be easy to read and it should mimic the essence of your hard copy menu.

Pick the right colors

Colors play an important role in the creation of a menu. Use colors that go with the theme of your restaurant. If you have a café that provides hot beverages and snacks to go with it, a more laid back and neutral theme would work well, for Asian food red and yellow are popular colors since they increase your appetite.

Pictures or illustrations?

The number one debate when it comes to restaurant menus is whether illustrations or pictures should be used. Illustrations give a more casual look and therefore, wouldn’t work for a fine dining restaurant.

Illustrations are perfect for fast food restaurants, coffee shops, pizza places, ice cream parlors, etc. When using images, make sure they are high quality and a close representation of the food the customer will receive.

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