Why Restaurants Must Upgrade their SEO Practices

As a local haunt with a solid reputation, you may think that your restaurant doesn’t need a significant online standing to bring in more customers!

But considering the competition in the restaurant business—not to mention the availability of local fast food franchises—you may want to reconsider getting help with your online content strategy.

What Your Restaurant Needs

Having a basic online set-up with general information on your site doesn’t do much for creating a loyal, long-term customer base!

Keep in mind that more than 70 percent of potential customers choose to go to restaurants that appear on the first page of Google search results. So if you have an old-fashioned, clunky website that doesn’t optimize for search algorithms, Google might not show any partiality to your business.

This is why it’s important that you make the right decisions for your business’s online reputation.

Managing an Effective SEO Campaign—The Multi-Pronged Approach

Understand the bigger picture first. SEO is just one of the factors that improves your standing online. A better website design, deeper functionality, and relevant information will need to be the basis of your online campaign.


You want to have a dynamic, easy-to-update system, one that gives potential clients all the details they need so they’re tempted to come to your restaurant. And much like your establishment, your website must offer fresh, high-quality content so you can transform online visitors into customers.

Your organization’s website is the only major communications channel that you possess. Your marketing strategies, social media management, and PR efforts are ultimately meant to lead to potential clients coming to your website. As such, your website is the place where you close out all your business deals,” an expert from the Toronto SEO company Customer Contact Solutions states.

Even with a local campaign, you want your name to stand out as a niche-specific destination. For example, if your restaurant offers a romantic atmosphere, cozy setting, deep pan pizzas, and unlimited refills, using those as keywords in your website’s design will allow your business to stand out from your competition.

These keywords will signal to search engines that you offer what customers are searching for, bringing your restaurant to the top pages of SERPs. Over time, this will make your business a brand name.

You can augment this strategy by keeping your social media profiles updated and maintaining a blog that offers high0quality, relevant content. This will, in turn, improve your click-through numbers and will bring more people through the doors.

Where Should You Start?

If you live in Toronto, find a local SEO company that offers affordable web design and SEO services. Companies such as Customer Contact Solutions offer services for local and national campaigns as well as online ordering software for businesses. So you’ll definitely benefit from their assistance.

Contact the company today and talk to them about giving your site an overhaul. Your business has the potential to be better. Take the time and invest in its future now so you can reap the benefits later!

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