Reviewing the Les Baer Premier II HW 45ACP

When it comes to classic American handguns, there are very few that are as iconic as the 1911. John Browning’s legendary design is now more than a century old, and in that time, it has served as a military sidearm and a popular choice for self-defense with distinction.

However, it has to be said that 1911 design is starting to show its age now. Over the years, criticism has built up regarding the standard M911’s inadequate accuracy and small capacity. There are also grumblings that the .45ACP rounds’ ballistics weren’t favorable compared to the newer ones.

But just as it was looking like the 1911 was going to be shelved for good, a number of custom gunsmiths came to this iconic gun’s rescue—with Les Baer being one of them. Dubbed the Premier II HW 45 ACP, Les Baer’s latest product promises to be a modern re-imagination of the iconic 1911 handgun. Let’s take a look at what it offers.

The Assembly

What makes the Premier II HW 45 ACP a unique iteration of the 1911 is that each unit is custom-built, and not assembled. Each Les Baer Premier II HW 45 ACP is custom-built from the frame up, each part is fitted with meticulous precision, and each unit is given a matching serial number. At each stage of the assembly process tunes and fits each part to the frame. The result of all of this attention to detail? Well, you get a handgun that is guaranteed 3” groups at a distance of 50 yards.

Premium Materials

The barrel, slide, and frame of the Premier II HW 45 ACP are all made from an ultra-high strength metal called chrome moly steel which has a tensile strength of around 180,000 psi. Also, you get a beveled magazine well and a double-serrated slide. Moreover, the front strap is checkered (30 lines/inch). When you combine this with the gun’s high-quality checkered cocobolo grips, it makes for no-slip, form surfaces. Last but not the least; all the metal parts of the gun feature a blued finish.

Adjustable Sight

The rear sight of the Les Bear Premier II HW 45 ACP is low mounted and LCB adjustable. It also features a hidden leaf that’s paired to a front sight with a dovetail design. Moreover, there’s a polished feed ramp and a throated barrel which make for trouble-free feeding.

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