The Role of a Brand Video During COVID-19

Because of COVID-19, everything that could be moved online has moved online. Schools, doctor consultations and even businesses that normally operated from brick and mortar shops are now finding ways to transform digitally.

In times like these, it may be hard to keep your business afloat, but a brand video could help your case. A brand video can remind consumers of the changes your brand has made to adapt to the circumstances and to bring you back into the field in the midst of a global recession.

What is a Brand Video?

A brand video tells the audience what your brand stands for, the services it offers and what the story behind the formation of the brand is. When making a brand video, brand equity is an important concept to keep in mind. Brand equity refers to what the consumers’ perception of the brand is, in terms of what they sell and the image and tone the brand gives. Understanding brand equity can make for an extremely successful brand video.

This video should reflect and enhance the consumers’ perception of the brand. A unique aesthetic can help with this, as it gives customers something to identify the brand with. For example, if you see a video in which most elements are red with a smear of white, you automatically assume it’s a Coca Cola video.

Why Is It Important During COVID-19?

What makes brand videos more important in the pandemic is that every recognized brand needs to have a stance on the situation and let their customers and clients know what they’re doing to help and to keep their transactions as safe as possible.

A video is the best means to do this because videos are the most consumed form of media on social media platforms, which makes it an adequate medium to convey your brand’s message.

Effective brand videos have an emotional tone, which has a better impact in getting the message to the consumers and helping them remember your brand. During COVID-19, emotional messages, will have an even greater impact because most people want to be comforted and want to feel like their favorite brands understand what they are going through.

Making the Perfect Video

Producing any kind of video takes a lot of hard work, but when producing a brand video, you want to make sure everything is perfect. You simply cannot compromise on something that’s meant to provide care and comfort to your consumers, while also portraying your business in a positive light.

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