The Roof Whisperer: Dustin Eatman Reveals What Your Roof Is Trying to Tell You

Under the moonlit sky, your roof sings a quiet song of pain and suffering—the darkness of the night casting shadows on its deep wounds.

A neglected roof is an unhappy roof. And much like a neglected child, it will act out when you least expect it.

Your roof may not be a living breathing entity, but it plays a crucial role in your survival—enduring decades of cruel weather to give you the shelter that you and your family need.

It makes little sense, then, to overlook one of the most significant parts of your home simply because you can’t detect major warning signs that speak of impending doom.

Speaking “Roof”

speaking the roof

Be kind to your roof and your roof will be kind to you—or so says, Dusting Eatman, owner of a thriving roofing and construction company, James Kate Roofing, serving over 70 cities across the great state of Texas.

As a GAF-certified roofing contractor Mansfield TX with up to 15 years of experience in roof installation and repair, Eatman believes that nearly all roof-related problems can be avoided if homeowners simply learn to identify the root cause of blatant wear and tear.

He went on to interpret 3 major signs commonly found in residential roofs:

  • Missing Shingles

Translation: The sealant strip underlying the shingles has been damaged.

In other words: You may have a stray animal taking leisurely strolls across your roof, causing the strip on the underside to loosen and let the shingle fall off.

On the other hand, if your roof hasn’t been maintained for a while, it could also be a sign of aging shingles that grow brittle with time.

The Cure: Replace the missing shingles as soon as possible to avoid water leakage. And trim the branches of that tree to keep animals from accessing your roof.

  • Water Marks on Ceiling

Translation: Water leakage.

In other words: Either your roof has a leak, or you’re dealing with condensation, plumbing issues or leaky windows. Finding the cause of the leak can be challenging, seeing as water does not drip down directly to the ceiling.

The Cure: Notice the impact after a rainy day. If it grows worse, it’s probably a leaky roof.

Another giveaway: The smell of mildew. Hire a roofing contractor to inspect the water spot and nip this thing in the bud.

  • Granule-filled Gutters

Translation: The shingles may be deteriorating.

In other words: There’s no reason to be concerned; a small amount of granule is fairly common. However, if you begin to notice loose granules in the gutters, it may be time to inspect your shingles.

The Cure: Inspect the shingles to see if they appear to be exposed. Granules protect your shingles against harsh UV rays, and if you’re losing a fair amount, it could cause significant damage over time.

Your roof may not have a voice, but if you know how to listen, you’ll discover it has a lot to say.

James Kate Roofing helps you listen and respond kindly with commercial and residential roofing services in Denton, Arlington, Fort Worth, Burleson and Dallas.

Get in touch with Dustin Eatman and let him show you how it’s done!

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