How To Safely Clean Your Tech Devices

Since you can’t dump your electronics in a washing machine on laundry day, there has to be a way you can clean them safely and thoroughly.

Dirt and dust stick to electronics and they require the right kind of cleaning and maintenance to keep them germ-free and working properly.

1. Use Wipes to Clean Your Phone

Instead of wiping it with your t-shirt, clean your mobile phone screen with a wireless wipe. Remember that phone screens have more germs than the average toilet!

Wireless wipes were made for the purpose of eliminating bacteria from electronics. They are excessively wet but quick drying and smell great! They are not too costly and will do wonders if you want a germ-free phone. They can be used for laptop and tablet screens as well

2. Isopropyl Alcohol Solution

Clorox wipes contain chemicals that can be too harsh on your devices. A good alternative is isopropyl alcohol solution, which get your devices clean in no time. First remove the case if it has one, leave the screen protector on it unless it’s too dirty.clorox-wipes

The solution will contain equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Fill it into a spray bottle so that it doesn’t fall everywhere. Take a cotton cloth and spray some of the solution on it-then use it to wipe your device clean. If there are spaces you can’t reach, you can use either a soft bristle toothbrush or Q-tips to reach those corners.

3. Canned Air For Your Keyboard

Many people feel that vacuuming the keyboard on their device will remove all the debris stuck between the keys. However this is extremely dangerous as you could pop the keys off in the process. Canned air will allow you to blow away all the debris. Hold the nozzle at an angled position so that the dirt blows away. The fans can also collect tons of dust, which if not removed can damage the device. This is a far safer option and does not damage your electronics in the process.

4. Remove The Earwax

People often forget about the headphones and earphones they use on a daily basis. These get covered in earwax and cannot be ignored! There are many ways you can clean them depending on the material. It’s preferable you use a cotton cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide.

Now that you know how to care for your device its time you got started. For maintenance services and thorough cleaning of your devices contact a reliable computer service such as Rockland County Computer Repair. They can help you care for your device and even provide assistance in any problem you might be experiencing with your electronics such as data recovery,malware detection and virus removal service.

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