Scissor Lifts Vs Man Lifts—Which One Is Right For You?

In the last couple of years, lifts have replaced ladders in factories, construction work and occasionally, in warehouses.

The reasons are quite obvious.

Lifts allow a greater degree of movement and are much more flexible than traditional ladders. Compared to ladders, these lifts are more secure. As per statistics, forty-three percent of fatal falls in the last decade involved a ladder.

When you undertake the decision to select the lifting equipment, there are certain aspects like height and mobility that you need to take into consideration. Traditionally, the choice is between selecting a Scissor lift and a Man lift. Here are certain things that you need to know about the two of them:

Scissor Lifts


Scissor lifts are ideal if you need work done in an indoor environment. Scissor lifts have larger maintenance platforms, which has the capacity to support more than one person at a time. There different categories of Scissor lift that exist. These include:

  1. Mechanical scissor lift
  2. Hydraulic scissor lift
  3. Pneumatic scissor lift

Each category offers different types of features. Scissor lifts have braces, which extend upwards due to which these types of lifts only tend to move vertically. These lifts are also comparatively less expensive.

However, scissor lifts are not effective if you want to work in high places since they do not go above fifty feet. At the same time, Scissor lifts do not move horizontally which can be a problem in certain cases.

Man Lifts

Man lift is a piece of equipment that is usually preferred in warehouses.

This type of lift helps workers in retrieving or lifting material in high places. It helps supervisors in conducting inspections. It is also quite useful when it comes to repair and maintenance. Unlike a Scissor lift, a Man lift has the ability to go; higher because of which it is more preferable in an industry environment. Some of the benefits of Man lifts include:

  1. Much more secure than ladders
  2. They help in saving time
  3. They are much more long lasting

Compared to scissor lifts, Man lifts are much easier to move obstruction in the way. However, the platform of a Man lift is smaller than that of a Scissor lift, because of which, the number of people that can work on the platform at the same time is less than that of a Scissor lift.

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