Search Engine Optimization – The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing

People in the modern world are immersed in their digital devices. Whether it is buying a coffee mug or planning their wedding, they go online for almost everything today.

According to Internet Live Stats, Google has a whopping 63,000 searches every second. If current digital trends are any indication, this number is sure to increase big time in the coming years.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

The goal of any search engine, surely, is to provide the best and most relevant answers to users’ queries. The users would not trust them (or would not visit them again) if they failed to do so.

So how do search engines read all of the content on the web and provide relevant results in a matter of milliseconds?

Let’s briefly take a look at how search engines make the magic happen:


All search engines have these crawlers and spiders that crawl through the web to see if any new content is added. They make it easy for the search engine to index websites, which is the next step.


The search engine then indexes the website based on keywords. So, for instance, it would know what pages to show when somebody types ‘Current President of the United States’.


Algorithms are mechanisms that make it all happen. They determine the relevance of the website when a particular keyword is typed. Taking the example mentioned above, an algorithm would help the search engine determine that the person is looking for ‘current’ US president, and will show results of the most recent web content created.

Google – The God of Searches


Since its creation in 1998 by two Ph.D. students at Stanford University Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has ruled the search engine world.

Businesses have competed to get those precious top rankings. If Google says you are relevant, you most likely are.

If 93% of all traffic on the internet comes through a search engine and if Google is search’s God, you know who to please when forming a digital marketing campaign.

Importance of SEO to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Surely, you cannot ignore the search when forming an online marketing strategy. If you can make your way into the top rankings and find a way to stay there, there will be nothing stopping you (you need to provide high-quality products and services, of course).

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