Is Setting Up A Business Website The Right Move For You?

The past decade had those of us who work in marketing on our toes constantly, with rapid developments and competitive strategies taking place every month, most of which greatly empowered buyers and sellers.

When it comes to a field that’s as dynamic as digital marketing, it’s hard to believe that there are still business owners—even if small-scale—who don’t have a website.

Even though some businesses may be doing well without one, all of that is about to change. With consumer transforming every day, it’s become essential for every business owner to have a dedicated website to show off their products and services, and to give their customers as much value as possible.

If you don’t already have a website, here are two compelling reasons to seriously consider getting one made.

Let’s Face It; First Impressions Count—A Great Deal

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically over the past few decades. These days, people Google every nook and cranny of their own neighborhood when deciding on a place to eat out at. They consult numerous review websites, browse YouTube looking for video reviews, and even go through blog posts that detail a particular product before going through with a purchase.

To put it simply, when someone says something about your business, and they come looking for you, you want to make a lasting first impression so they’ll remember you hours after interreacting with your brand.

Websites are a great way to become unforgettable, which is important because, in today’s brand saturated and fast-paced world, it’s easy to be replaced.

Helps Reduce Friction Between Your Brand And Consumers

We all love it when things are easy, don’t we? And what do we do if there’s a brand that’s difficult to reach? We promptly move on to the next.

This tells us one thing about brands and consumers; friction isn’t a friend. One of the best things a business can do to increase profits in a short time is to become more accessible and reduce friction between them and their customers.

A well-designed, frequently updated website makes it easy for potential customers to look you up or reach you when they want to purchase something or ask a question.

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