Small Business Shipping Struggles

E-commerce remained a hot topic in the business community for quite a while, but it proved its viability with amazing results. Small businesses following this model are generally one who require shipping services.

Many small business owners ventured into e-commerce due to the ease and accessibility it provides. But this digital platform has shipping troubles of its own.


There is competition everywhere—from the moment you type in a word on your search browsers to the time of delivery. E-commerce brands are fighting for screen space on mobiles and desktop PCs.

To attract and maintain customer base, these businesses present variety of offers and discounts. Free-shipping being the leader, businesses differentiates themselves based on these strategies. This process adds to the product cost and puts the survival of business at risk.

Size Of The Package

The shipping cost accounts for the weight, dimensions, and location of the address. Nowadays, carriers charge for the package size as well. Earlier, the freight cost for ground deliveries accounted for weight only. This pricing strategy may be viable for business delivering small products like earrings, but can be costly for others.

Meeting Expectation

E-commerce requires hard work to deliver experience to the customer. A brick and mortar store can provide the human element in the business transaction, but online stores lack that personal touch. Therefore, businesses try to deliver that experience in a small box.

Apart from experience, customers require timely delivery. Brands who fail to meet the same-day delivery claim should expect PR havoc on their social media pages. This makes meeting of national and international demands on short notices a challenge for small businesses.

Effective Logistic Solutions

Streamline Supply Chain 

Having a proper system in place can save time and money. With availability of relevant data and customer feedback, you can maintain an inventory of pre-packed goods. This will eliminate time and cost, as you stock things that your customer requires—nothing more or less.

Apart from this, effectively utilize storage space and avoid over-stocking. Using space for goods that are not selling is never a good strategy.

Package Design

Remember—presentation matters! The box can provide your customer with an interaction with the brand. Therefore, pack it well and add notes to humanize the experience.

Your package should act as an advocate on behalf of your business and provide customer with all the essentials such as, instruction manual, a catalog, and a thank you note.

To strengthen relationship with your customers, you can also add discount coupon or a request for feedback.

Automate For Business Efficiencies

You can limit cost and streamline your supply chain process with the help of shipping software.  By integrating your business with shipping solutions, you can avail the benefit of freight quotation, address validation, printing label, package tracking, and performance insights.

The system will indicate the best carrier choice and provide you with the best and economic shipping solutions. It will also provide you with packaging and labeling facility, shortening product delivery time.

Moreover, for differentiation, you can also design a mobile app to increase customer interaction and accessibility. All these technological advancements will optimize your operation and save costs.

ProcessWeaver offers smart solutions to businesses dealing directly with customers or other businesses.

Their e-commerce shipping solutions are available for stores, marketplace, SAP Hybrid, and IBM WebSphere based business models. You can add sustainability and cost-effectiveness to your business by upgrading your shipping process. Get a live demo to begin your journey.

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