Why Solar Will Remain Strong No Matter Who the President Is

Last year, we witnessed one of the most historical presidential elections in the United States. The results were surprising and shocked the entire world.

Back to present, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, is our new president. Many speculations have been made regarding his stance on major national policies, such as immigration, education and foreign affairs. However, one area that is sure to keep thriving is the energy sector.

According to CNBC, renewable energy sources make up about 20% of power generating capacity in the United States. Considering the recent developments in using renewable energy sources such as sun, wind and water, this figure will continue to rise.

The solar panel technology has been advancing considerably in recent years. It is predicted that it will continue to prosper no matter who holds the office. Here are some reasons:

Solar Power Technology Has Got Immense Support from Voters

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, it was found that Americans strongly advocate the expansion of solar power technology. Around 89% of the survey participants voted in its favor.

The interesting thing about the results was that it had nothing to do with political affiliation. The participants who wanted expansion of budgets into solar technology said that they wanted to save on their energy bills. Since an average homeowner can save around 20% to 100% on their electricity bills, it seems very unlikely that public support for solar powers would vanish any time soon.

Adoption of Solar Panels Is Rapidly Rising

As part of renewable energy conversion, solar panels are one of the most popular devices in the US. Over the years, people have moved on towards this energy-efficient, environment-friendly source. Employing solar power is not only more affordable than fossil fuels, it is also offered in many states without subsidies. This is the reason that the demand for residential rooftop solar panels has reached an all-time high. The new Government simply cannot deny this fact.

Solar Industry Has the Potential to Generate Heaps of Jobs

Currently, the solar power industry is creating a massive amount of jobs, even greater than coal and oil combined. This trend will continue to rise and may prove to be the much-needed boost for the country’s economy. Any president cannot ignore this incredible potential.

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