Speed up Your MS Outlook with These Pro Tips

Offered as part of Microsoft’s Office suite, Outlook is a very popular email program. According to Microsoft by the Numbers, Outlook has more than 400 million active users.

For some users of MS Outlook, slow speed may become an issue. Here are some ways you can amp up the speed of your MS Outlook:

Updating Your Windows

You may be tempted to ignore the constant updates that Windows needs; but sometimes, these updates have Microsoft Office updates concealed into them. They can be upgrades to some features of MS Outlook or may even contain productivity updates for Exchange server. Letting updates do their jobs can increase your Outlook’s speed.

Archiving the Inbox

The hundreds and thousands of emails in your inbox take a toll on the speed of MS Outlook. A better approach would be to utilize its auto-archive feature. This will keep all your ‘not-so-urgent’ emails in a separate data file, so that your Outlook does not have to bear such humongous burdens. Keeping only current and previous months’ emails in inbox would (hopefully) get the job done for you.

Repairing PST File

A Personal Storage Table or (.pst) file is an option in Microsoft Outlook that can save copies of emails, calendar markings and other items to ensure data safety. Sometimes, inconsistencies and errors may occur in these files and it becomes necessary to repair them. Scanpst is an incredible inbox repair tool for MS Outlook. Make sure you run it to fix any issues.

Utilizing Cached Exchange Mode

Using cached Exchange Mode will take your files stored in Personal Storage Table (.pst) and save it as an Offline Storage Table (.ost) file. This will not only speed up your Outlook, but will also allow you to access data even when mail server isn’t functioning.  This, of course, can only happen if you connect your Outlook with an Exchange Server.

Disabling Add-ins

Outlook add-ins may contain some unnecessary ones and that can cause speed decline. Having these add-ins run wild is not a good idea. Go to Add-ins in the Options menu and disable the ones that you don’t need.

Disabling RSS Feeds

Outlook will automatically sync RSS feeds from the Internet Explorer and if you have a lot of these feeds, it can hamper the speed. Since there is practically no reason to keep them enabled, make sure you disable them and decrease slowdowns.

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