Starting an Auto Repair Shop? Here are Few Things You Should Know

Most people who graduate from automotive mechanic schools go on to work as salaried employees at auto repair shops. Few — those who have a business mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit — venture on a different path and open their own auto repair shop. They believe their talents are best served by serving themselves, creating their own path to personal wealth.

If you too are a self-motivated mechanic, harboring similar ambitions (some of you might have already started working on a business plan), there are few important things we suggest you to take a look at, as they might help you with the roll out.

ASE certification

This is not a must have certification, but it is something that will definitely help you along the way. ASE certified mechanics are held in high esteem, both in the industry as well as by the customers.

You can leverage it to obtain liability insurance without any hassles (otherwise not an easy task), make a credible pitch to potential investors (in case you are trying to find financing for your business) and approach customers with confidence in the market.

It’s important to be finance-ready

Before you even consider spending a dime, it’s vital that you work out the required finances in detail. Not just the capital needed to start the auto shop but the financial cost of running the business as well – at least in its first year.

Once you have the estimates, analyze if you have enough financing available to meet the set budget. If you don’t, seek out for convenient arrangements and only when you are finance-ready, approach to implement your business plan.

To specialize in specific repairs or not to specialize

Most workshops offer general auto repairs and services. If you find it convenient, you can also adopt the same model. However, specializing gives you that competitive edge in the market. It enables you to tap into a specific niche, while at the same time you can cater to a more generalized customer-base as well.

Of course, you cannot just go out there and specialize in any type of service; conduct a thorough market research and choose a specialization that has scope in the local market.

Legal advice is always helpful

Opening an auto repair shop is not just about finding a location, getting the tools and equipment, hiring skilled staff and serving the customers; there’s a lot more that goes into the process. This includes obtaining a business license, understanding the commercial tax system, establishing legal compliance and more. This is where consulting a lawyer can help you. You can avoid lots of mistakes which otherwise you are liable to make as a business owner.

Keeping these things into consideration while planning the roll out of your auto repair business, can go a long way in helping you with the launch and making the process smoother.

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