Surprise! You’ve Got Malware!

It takes little time to develop the expertise to launch untraceable cyber attacks. The openness of the cyber-world has made it easier for offenders to develop codes and algorithms that can bypass even the most well-designed security systems in the world. These threats take multiple forms, one of which is malware.

Malware, or malicious software, is software that attacks and invades computer or cellular systems, gaining access to any and all information stored within.

This results in not only the theft of personal and private data, but may also cause irreversible damage to your device’s system.

To top the damage, malware can access online passwords, which means that your data can be accessed and attacked from anywhere else other than your device.

How do you know your system is vulnerable to the attack of, or is already attacked by a malware? Any of these signs may indicate a malware infliction:

  • Your computer will crash/ freeze / restart unexpectedly. It may even freeze up on startup.
  • Programs appear in your application list; programs you do not recollect installing.
  • More hardware space is occupied. This is primarily due to the memory taken up by programs mentioned above.
  • Your computer speed is sluggish. You will notice a drastic reduction in the performance of your software applications.
  • Unexpected, randomly appearing pop-ups. These can be a result of the random programs installed without warning in your system.
  • Your anti-virus is disabled suddenly. This is a cause for alarm, as it means that your standard anti-virus was not only incapable of preventing the malware from causing harm, but also that your system is left vulnerable to other attacks.

Once identified that your system has indeed been disrupted by malware, the question that comes to mind is how do you get rid of it? Moreover, how do you prevent the same problem from occurring in the future?

High quality antivirus systems are capable of defending your systems against not only malwares, but multiple forms of cyber-attacks. Such antivirus software remove any malware induced issues in your system, as well as detect and defend any potential malware attacks in the future.

Taking precautions as a remedial as well as a cautionary step against malware attacks is a good practice for any online individual. One such way of doing so is using an online antivirus support. Excel Tech Guru is an online IT service provider that offers advanced virus and malware removal services, protecting computer systems and other personal devices from threats.

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