Synching Your SEO Strategy to Your Business’s Vision

Relevance is the fundamental characteristic of a great digital marketing strategy. Whether it is a new blog post or a Facebook ad, you need to make sure your content remains relevant to your business strategy and consumer interest.

This is where SEO comes in.

You need to build new campaigns to align your content practices with your vision while keeping up-to-date with current search engine world trends.

You need a plan—a plan that involves using great SEO techniques so that your content not only reaches far but is also precisely for the target audience.

Knowledge Is Power

Right off the bat, get to know as much as you can about your business’s long-term goals, and the audience it will serve. Your goal is now targeting a specific audience, which comes with more competition.

Create content that matters; the most crucial stage of your SEO-based marketing in the keyword generation process. Don’t head into this stage without expert guidance; a digital marketing consultant can help you better navigate your competitors’ practices and the keywords they are using. They will put together a short-listed set of keywords that adhere to relevancy, topic, cost and volume.

Keep It Consistent…

A survey revealed that over 57% of marketers identified content creation as the most effective tactic for SEO success. We’ve established that a relevant keyword list is necessary to reach the right audience. But once you find your keywords, its time to create your content, and create it consistently.

Gone are the days of discussing TV ads; viral sharing is the new normal in exchanging opinions and experiences, content creation is a sure-fire way to keep your customers talking about you.

…And Keep It Relevant

A common assumption of SEO is that more traffic improves your rankings. That is true…to some extent. If quantity was all it took to improve SEO, your business would have even more competition.

When you synch your SEO strategy to your business vision, you work on bringing in the traffic that is interested in your business. Relevant traffic is necessary because Google and other search engines observe your website and users’ behavior towards it.

If your content is not synched to your vision, it’s of no use to people or your company. It will not perform well in terms of CTR (click-through rate), ranking, bounce rate and time on the page and so on. In other words, it’s quality vs. quantity.

Bottom line: Changes in your company’s SEO strategy can arm you with the knowledge required to attract users who have a higher probability to convert. As you redefine your company’s goals, work on gaining a broader understanding of SEO marketing strategy.

The author of this guest post manages SEO and content development services for NextMediaDigital. The Miami-based digital media marketing firm specializes in various online media management services for businesses. Visit them at to find out what they have to offer.

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