3 Reasons Why Top Sales Teams Are Boosting Their Results With Video

The marketing world has been in a constant state of flux since the beginning of business, but most of us never anticipated how intermingled it would become with our social and private lives. While video marketing started way back with TV commercials and advertisements, baby boomers were more than a little bit surprised when adverts

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3 Things Every Small Business’s Landing Page Video Needs

If you’re a small business owner, you rely on your website’s landing page to attract potential customers. After all, it’s the most important page on your website, as it establishes a connection with potential clients. Statistics show that businesses have only eight seconds to make an impression with a landing page. The same report shows that

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Best Practices for Video, Straight from Cannes Lions Awards 2019

The Cannes Lions Awards is an amazing platform for businesses and marketers to learn how to tap into their creativity. Creativity is the key ingredient to success and it goes without saying that in order to grab the attention of their target audience, businesses need to provide them with innovative solutions. After all, it all

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