Taking necessary steps to keep your home safe

According to the FBI, the country experienced 327,374 robberies in 2015. This amounted to $390 million in losses (average dollar value of stolen property per reported robbery was $1,190).

Property crime losses stood at $14.3 billion. Meanwhile, the value of reported stolen property – currency, jewelry, motor vehicles, electronics and firearms –was $12,420,364,454.

Break-ins are much more common than you may think. They are a real threat to your home, your valuables as well as your life. This makes it necessary for homeowners to update their security systems on a regular basis. But, if you think you would have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on securing your home, you’re wrong.

Here is what you need to add to your home security plan:

Door locks

First off, replace weak, old or non-functional door locks. Also check the screws, bolts and other internal components.

If you notice any damaged or missing part, call in your residential locksmith to fix it. Try to update your door locks often, after every 5 years.  Make sure you replace old locks with high grade, heavy duty locks. Also, don’t forget to clean them so that they last long.

CCTV cameras

Although CCTV cameras are expensive, they are worth the investment. A CCTV is used to monitor activities taking place outside your home. Remember to install the camera in a strategic location, such as a high traffic area, near the entrance, etc. to ensure maximum view of your property.

Security lights

Install high quality lights, especially near the entrance to illuminate your outdoors. This will make it difficult for burglars to hide.

Burglars tend to hide in specific areas, such as thick trees or bushes. Therefore, trim your house yard to eliminate hiding areas for them.


If you have lost your home key, change your lock to immediately restrict unauthorized access to your home.

Don’t give the new key to anyone, unless you completely trust them.

Additional tips

  • If you store your valuables in file cabinets or safe systems, keep changing their combinations.
  • Invest in metal doors with deadbolt locks. They are durable and robust and can maximize home security.
  • Burglars enter homes through windows. Close all windows and curtains at night, especially when you go out. Also, replace worn out window locks.

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