The Art of Social Selling

Social media has been interwoven into our lives in such a way that most of us don’t even remember how we survived without it. But while consumers are becoming more and more reliant on social media platforms, many businesses are still figuring out how to use them to market their products/services and boost sales.

Social media platforms provide direct access to customers but only a few businesses have understood how to use it to their advantage. Businesses that rely on the same techniques they used in traditional channels, fail to tap into the true potential of selling through social media.

What Is Social Selling?


The concept of social selling still hasn’t broken into the mainstream mainly because most salespeople still haven’t mastered it.

The term social selling refers to the use of social media channels by sales personnel to connect and interact with a prospective customer. The interactions usually involve sales personnel answering the potential customer’s questions and providing them with relevant content until they are ready to make a purchase.

Social selling works best for businesses with a limited customer base. Small businesses should consider training their sales teams on social selling and use it to acquire new customers.

Social Selling Mistakes

If a business is failing to generate revenue through social selling, it is most probably doing it wrong. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes businesses make in social selling.

Being On Social Media Is Enough 

Some businesses feel that merely creating social media profiles is enough to attract customers online. If you are on social media platforms but aren’t using them to interact with your customers, you aren’t making use of the platform – in this case, your social media presence is having no impact on your customer base!

It’s imperative that you develop and implement a social media strategy to engage with prospective customers.

Use traditional sales approaches

Generally, the moment people know that they are being sold to, they put up their guards. Trying to use traditional sales approaches just won’t work on social media. It’s much easier to ignore or delete messages from sales personnel than it is to turn away from them in person.

When it comes to social media platforms, businesses need to focus on engaging with their customers instead of just selling. Blatant sales attempts on social media will likely be ignored; effective social selling strategies require a business to initiate an open dialogue with customers and eventually ease into a subtle sales pitch.

Don’t Target The Right Customers

 Social media networks provide businesses with a wealth of information which can be used to identify specific individuals and communities that are most likely to convert to sales. If your business isn’t narrowing down its target prospects, it’s wasting time and effort.

Don’t Make Use Of Monitoring Software

There is an abundance of software available to help businesses keep track of hashtags, keywords and other relevant information that can help you serve prospective customers better. Businesses need to use them to create customized social selling strategies.

Using Classifieds Websites For Support

Marketing through classified ads websites is the perfect way to reach out to a mass audience and support social selling strategies. Instead of you attempting to engage customers that may or may not use your services, interested customers approach you.

All you have to do is place classified ads on a website that has high visitor traffic. Try posting multiple ads and see which one generates most responses. Most classifieds websites will let you post ads for free.

By implementing the correct social selling strategies and combining them with effective classified ads, the sales of your small business should increase.

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