What Is Thermal Diffusion and Treatment?

Thermal diffusion is a great surface treatment technique which makes metals more resistant to wear and tear, and increases the life of equipment.

Thermal diffusion revolves around the treatment of metals to make them last longer. While most people think that hard coating is great at combating corrosion but recent research claims that thermal diffusion is much better to that effect.


Today we’ll be looking at why thermal diffusion coating should be your go to corrosion prevention method!

How Does Thermal Diffusion Work?

Before we even discuss the many benefits of thermal diffusion, we must familiarize ourselves with the term. In its essence, Thermal Diffusion (TD) involves the use of developing a high temperature gradient around the metal to be protected. Because of the alarmingly high temperature, a small amount of carbide is deposited on the required metal which enhances its physical properties.

The carbide layer is extremely thin (just 2-20 micrometers!) but is surprisingly dense and resilient to mechanical damage. This is because the carbide layer gets metallurgically bonded to the metal’s substrates and makes them stronger!

Benefits of Thermal Diffusion:

The benefits of thermal diffusion just go to show how incredibly effective and important it is in preventing corrosion.

Superior to Hard Coating:

Recent studies indicate that thermal diffusion is superior to hard coating in every single aspect. In hard coating, the metal hardens to its metallurgical limit and an excessive force beyond that limit can shatter the metal completely.


On the other hand, thermal diffusion coats a layer of carbide on the metal which makes them withstand higher forces without increasing its surface hardness! Simply put, thermal diffusion should be your go to metal protection scheme because it is one of the most reliable metal erosion protective coatings.

Increases Resistance to Wear and Tear:

The biggest reason why factories and industries opt for thermal diffusion is because it makes metals more resistant to wear and tear. This allows factories to increase their production capacities without worrying about mechanical damage as thermal diffusion ensures there will be none!

Increases Life of Equipment:

From a financial aspect, thermal diffusion is great because it increases the life of your equipment. This can help companies save millions of dollars as it doesn’t force them to invest heavily in new equipment. They can continue using their current machines just by reinforcing them with thermal diffusion!


Possibilities of Technical Advances:

There are many different avenues to explore as far as thermal diffusion is concerned. Researchers are looking into the possibility of utilizing this technique to enrich Uranium which can make the entire fusion process much more affordable!

There’s also the possibility of using fluidized bed treatment in thermal diffusion which promises greater control over the temperature and reduces the distortion – making the surface treatment process cleaner and more precise.

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