Thinking of Becoming a Young Living Distributor? Here’s the kit you should start with

Does tea tree oil help with acne?

Can lemon oil alleviate the symptoms of a sore throat?

As a Young Living Distributor you get to share your expertise on essential oils with the world. Your years of experience on what essential oil works best, for say muscle cramps is materialized into something concrete.  

Now you not only help you family when they come to you for suggestions, but also help others navigate the treacherous world of essential oils.

Looking to become a Young Living Distributor? Here’s the starter kit that you need.

First Thing’s First; Sign Up To Get Started!

Excited to embark on your Young Living Distributor journey?

To get your hands on your starter distributor kit, you need to sign up as a member first.

Visit the Young Living Essential Oils’ webpage to sign up. Tick on the wholesale member. Being a wholesale member will ensure that you get to become a Young living Distributor. Now fill out all your personal information carefully. Once done, choose a username, password and PIN. Make sure to note this down somewhere to have them in handy.  Now the next step before check-out is the starter kit. To choose the best starter kit, keep reading.

What’s A Premium Starter Kit?

To join the exciting world of Young living Essential Oils Distributors, you just need to buy a premium starter kit. Buying one will ensure that you get to share your expertise on essential oils with the world.

This kit contains a number of therapeutic grade product samples and business building tools, that’ll help you launch your vision. Using these products daily will help strengthen your essential oils knowledge base. It will help you see which essential oil works best for what purpose. For instance, is peppermint more effective for muscle cramps?

In short, the starter kit will help you introduce others to the world of healthy living.

What Are The Different Types of Premium Starter Kits?

As a Young Living Oil Enthusiast, you want to make the right decision when choosing a starter kit. To help simplify the decision, you should know that there are different premium starter kits ranging from $150 -$260.

With a Premium Starter kit you get the option of choosing whichever diffuser appeals to your senses the most. From desert mist diffuser and dew drop diffuser to rainstone diffuser and aria diffuser, you get to take your pick!

Note that the price varies according to the diffuser you go for! So while a rainstone diffuser costs $210, a dewdrop diffuser only costs $ 165.

What Are The Different Components Of A Premium Starter Kit?

Each of your premium starter kit comes with 12 essential oils along with a diffuser of your own choice. These 12 premium essentials oils are such that 4 of these are single oils, while the 8 are blends.

So under single oils you get to sample 5ml of essential oils each, ranging from Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon Vitality to Peppermint Vitality.

On the other hand, the blends range from Panaway, Thieves Vitality, Raven, DiGize Vitality, Peace & Calming, Valor Stress Away, to Citrus Fresh.

Once you choose your desired premium starter kit, you’re given the Young Living Membership earning up to 24% in discounts on Young Living Products. A Bonus Gift containing a recipe guide’s also sent with the package to help you discover the world of essential oils.

The best part’s that a starter kit ensures that you get the proper business tools through a 14 day e-learning course!

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