Thinking of Starting Your Own Blog? Here Are Some Things to Consider When Deciding the Domain Name

domain-nameAlthough not as important as your child’s name, having a good domain name is a crucial consideration when starting a blog. It not only adds a touch of professionalism, but also enhances the product or service you are promoting.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when coming up with a domain name:

What are Your Goals?

Before choosing a domain name, you might have to do a bit of thinking. From the style and tone that it would adopt to its design, you will have to figure out what it is that you are trying to achieve with this blog. Make sure you have a well-planned strategy in place when you sit down for brainstorming.

What is Your Target Audience?

Target audience is one of the most essential considerations when choosing a domain name. Audiences, such as sports fans, will prefer a different name than, say parents whose teens are dealing with addiction. Decide who you will be writing for and make your decision accordingly.

Does it really define you?

One common advice found in nearly all self-help books is: ‘be yourself’. No matter how many reservations you might have about the ‘self help genre’, it probably gets this one right. Your blog is your chance to portray credibility and originality. You can always sound more passionate about what you really love (or hate). People are more likely to like your blog if it’s real and honest, and your blog’s domain name should reflect that.

Will It Work In the Future?

This one’s related to the goals point made above, but deserves a separate mention. Your domain name should not be short-sighted. You may decide to expand towards different topics of interests or explore relevant fields you can write about. A narrow topic would mean you would have to create a separate blog for that. Also, choosing a domain name that will not be relevant at a future point in time may not be a good idea.

Is It Creative?

Since most single words are taken, you might have to get creative with your domain name. From combining two words (Snapdeal) to a misspelled word (Tumblr), you have a lot of options. However, make sure that it’s relevant and has all the pointers mentioned above. The more unique and creative your domain name, the more your chances of creating a favorable impression increase.

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