Threat Assessment — How Much Commercial Security Do You Need?

As business owner, there are multiple threats to your business from within and without. When trying to come up with an ideal security plan, you need to consider your specific circumstances and how these might contribute to your security concerns. Although security plans are fairly generic, since perpetrators usually have a pattern to their actions, the financial considerations of hiring commercial security demand that you decide how much security you need.

You should think of what business you’re running, the footfall in your stores, the location of your warehouses and the amount of money going through the facilities. Once you’ve highlighted these key areas of concern, you can start fleshing out your security plans.

At the end of the day, your security team is well-suited to telling you what your security requirements are.  However, some basic security steps you can take include:

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV cameras can help your security team keep an eye out for any possible threat to your workplace/business. Depending on how large a premises you’re operating, you can vary the number of guards you’re hiring. Smaller locations with plenty of surveillance can be far more effective with fewer guards compared to a huge team of security personnel.


Regardless of how large the location is, you should still invest in CCTV surveillance to keep all eyes on any potential security breaches. With CCTV you can identify any potential instances of security breakdowns to put a stop to these events immediately or at the very least, identify the perpetrators.

Uniformed Guards

Uniformed guards play two roles—they can scare people from going through with any planned mischief and if someone does follow through, they can stop them. Vandals, for example, are likely to damage property if the building looks abandoned or if there’s an evident lack of security. Having uniformed guards around also makes your customers feel safe, a consideration that goes a long way in convincing them to visit your business.

Mobile Security Services

Patrolling guards are much more effective at putting a stop to possible security breaches than stationary uniformed guards. Patrolling security teams can contain an event by periodically roaming the vicinity, keep a look out for any possible perpetrators and pre-empt any unfortunate events in your workplace. If your security services use effective reporting strategies, cover plenty of ground and also have access to surveillance—there’s little that you need to concern yourself with.

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