Tips for choosing an LCD manufacturer

When it comes to LCD screens and parts, several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have difficulty in finding quality items. A lot of companies claim to provide the best quality, but it is rarely true.

The LCD industry is continuously growing and so is the number of companies providing these equipment. While on one hand this growth has offered more options, it has also made it hard to locate a genuine provider.

Whether you’re interested in buying touch screen LCD panels, outdoor digital signage displays or any other product, you must first ensure that the manufacturer is reliable in terms of both products and after-sale services.

Here are a few points which will help you pick a suitable manufacturer:

1. Product quality

Product quality is the most important factor that should be determined beforehand. However, most OEMs find it difficult to evaluate the quality of LCDs.

Simple observations such as brightness, flickering of light or the color resolution can be used to determine the quality. Other considerations include:

  • Meeting or exceeding requirements set by a regulatory body. Regulations from different bodies may be applicable both on national and state levels.
  • Warranties offered for a product is yet another determinant of its quality. However, you should know what is covered in the warranty and what isn’t. You might have to choose between a short term warranted product covering more services and a longer term warranted product covering minimum!
  • Energy consumption is also an important concern. If a particular product consumes significantly more than others, it will have a lesser demand in the market.
  • Performance of a line of product or individual models must have been independently tested. However, testing conditions and criteria must also be clear.

2. Budget restrictions

Of course, your investment budget should be considered first. You will want to buy products which have a higher demand. If an end user finds a product too expensive, you might not want to go for these products. Manufacturers usually offer a number of budget friendly alternatives, so it is better to seek their guidance in this matter.

3. What else do you get?

Quality doesn’t only relate to the efficiency of these products but also what else is part of the package. For instance, an excellent customer service goes a long way. You would want to go for a manufacturer who is willing to respond to your queries quickly.

Their employees must also be trained to provide guidance for downstream applications. These vary depending on your target industry and consumer base.

4. Compare prices

It’s better to search products from a number of manufacturers. Compare these products in terms of quality and services. This is the only way to obtain the best deals.

Read online reviews and customer experiences before you make the final decision. If there are commonly noted glitches in any product, be wary of it.

5. Look for a long-term relationship

In the end, you are looking for a long-term partnership. Finding a reliable manufacturer will boost your business and ensure the quality of products you provide to end users.

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