Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Theft

Cell phone theft has been increasing at a rapid rate. The chances of people getting their devices snatched have become quite high today.

Around 3.1 million Americans were subject to smartphone theft in 2013, according to reports, while 40 percent of all the robberies that were reported in San Francisco, in 2012, were of stolen cell phones.

Given the amount of personal information smartphones can contain, such as contacts, photos, banking apps, shopping, e-mail accounts and social networks, losing them can be a real pain. Therefore, it is important for people to protect their smartphones from thieves.

Here are a few protective measures that they should take.

Avoid Using Them While Walkingavoid-using-phone-while-walking

Fact: 43 per cent of young people have walked into someone or something while checking their phones!

Though it is true that it is impossible for anyone to not to react to their phone’s ding wherever they are, using their smart phone while walking on the street can put them in a very vulnerable position.

It increases their chances of crashing into light poles, and sadly, the bad dudes are only waiting for such an opportunity.

Keep a Powerful Screen Lock

Around 36% of smartphone users that participated in a survey said that they used a screen lock with a 4-digit PIN to lock their smartphone.

A powerful screen lock is a person’s strongest line of defense. Therefore, they should keep a strong and powerful password such as one with 8 or 9 characters including special characters rather than opting for an easy 4-digit PIN.

This long password may be inconvenient and hard to remember at first, but with time and practice, it will get easier.

Added to this, some phones also provide the option of erasing all the personal data after several unsuccessful tries. In cases of theft, this option comes in handy. Activate it.

Install an Anti-theft Software

By installing anti-theft software immediately after buying their new phone, users can increase its security. In case it gets stolen or lost, the user can notify the software and see the magic.

The software will start taking pictures of the surroundings of the phone once it gets access to the internet, and send report of its whereabouts to the user. It will eventually help them trace the location where their phone is.

Sign Up With Phone Angel and Enhance the Security of the Smartphone

By signing up with Phone Angel, users can add an extra layer of protection to whatever lost phone finder application that they are using.

Whether they have lost their iPhone or Android phone, they can just report at Phone Angel, and in case Phone Angel recovers it, it updates them.

After users have signed up with Phone Angel, they can search lost phone database or search mobile by IMEI number.  If technology fails, Phone Angel is going to be there.

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