Top 3 Digital Transformation Challenges and How To Conquer Them

Digital transformation has become essential for companies looking for the next toolkits for survival. Organizations that undergo digital transformation enjoy a bigger market share, enhanced customer engagement, as well as higher employee morale and an increase in customer revenue.

The benefits of digital transformation are plenty. And while companies are flocking to jump on the bandwagon, many of them often meet with challenges as they embark the journey of digital transformation. Although the level of digitization that these companies take on varies depending on their needs, most of them tend to face challenges quite similar in nature.

Here are some of the most common challenges faced by organizations that transform digitally and some recommendations on how to tackle those challenges:

Employee Pushback

Humans—no matter where they are, or who they are—love their comfort zones. We strive for consistency and often resist change. We like our routines because they feel comfortable. After all, it’s reassuring to know what’s coming next. When companies experience digital transformation, many of their old practices are shunned and made redundant. This may cause employees to feel threatened.

Despite employee pushback, digital transformation is a need of the time we live in and cannot be avoided. It tells your employees in advance what to expect out of the changes. While this may not completely banish skepticism or doubt, informing employees in advance and keeping them in loop of the whole process can help them feel empowered and understand why digital transformation is important.


Lack of Expertise To Lead the Change

Often times, companies fail to create or implement a corporate-wide strategy to adapt to the changes of digital transformation. This is one of the reasons why there is so much resistance to change.

Your organization needs a strategy—as it would for any other part of your business. It requires a clear vision to be set, along with highlighting and setting goals to give your team something to work toward: a purpose. It should be mentioned here that the digital transformation journey is not the sole responsibility of an individual or a specific department. While only a certain part of the company may initially undergo digital transformation, the whole company needs to be on the same page to fulfill company goals.


Budget Constraints

In an ideal world, your company would have a pool of abundant and inexhaustible financial resources. In the real world, most organizations face budgetary constraints and this may lead to limiting how much your company can transform digitally. Organizations that successfully embark the journey of digital transformation are often aware of and prepared for the budget constraints they may face.

Digital transformation may require substantial investment from your business. You may need to invest in your company, in your employees and customers as you build your strategy. However, it is important to remember: the journey for digital transformation is not a race.

When building your strategy, you must keep your budget as a reality check to see how much your organization is equipped to handle. Your goal should be to develop a strategy that can be implemented over the course of several years through several milestones, if that is what your budget allows.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have to go all in right now. This will only put your organization at the risk of budgetary issues.

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