The Top 4 Ways to Prevent Forklift Accidents

When forklifts are operated correctly, they can increase efficiency and ensure that goods are quickly stored in the right place. But improper operations or lack of training can result in serious injuries, which is why thorough forklift training is necessary.

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Here are a few ways that forklift accidents can be avoided:

1. Invest in Forklift Training Courses

Business owners should work with a reliable forklift training centre to provide their staff with the forklift training they need to do their job right. This isn’t an expense, rather it’s an investment that helps create a safer work environment.

All new employees that will be operating forklifts should complete a forklift training course before starting. It’s also prudent to arrange for forklift refresher courses as needed to keep operators up to speed.

2. Maintain a Well-Designed Warehouse

A warehouse—or any work setting where forklifts are used—needs to be designed with their space requirements in mind. Forklift operators should always have clear paths they can follow. They also need sufficient space to safely operate the forklift.

Well-lit work environments allow forklift drivers to see where they’re going, so lighting should be adequate. All obstructions should be removed from forklift paths to minimize any risk to the staff.

3. Make Safety a Priority

Safety measures aren’t for forklift operators only. Other employees should also be briefed on what they can do to promote workplace safety. Cooperation, education, and training are important factors that contribute to an accident-free work area.

Measures that apply specifically to forklift operators include properly balanced loads and observing speed limits. Pallet dimensions and weight should follow the relevant guidelines, and they should be stacked correctly.

4. Ensure Forklift Maintenance

Onsite forklift training courses and other safety practices are well and good, but all forklifts being used should undergo maintenance as needed. Operators should inspect the different mechanical and hydraulic components of their forklifts before using them.

If any faults are found, the forklift should not be used until a qualified mechanic has performed the necessary repairs. Operating a forklift that isn’t fit for use poses serious risks.

Summing it Up

Forklifts are highly useful machines, but being negligent with them can lead to harmful consequences. However, employers can significantly decrease forklift accidents by providing practical lift truck training, implementing comprehensive safety measures, and making sure all protocols are being followed.

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