Top 6 E-Learning Trends Influencing the Education Sector in 2022

Student learning using an E-learning management system

As the adage goes, “knowledge is power,” and E-learning has made gaining that power easier than ever. E-learning management systems are used in every industry for different purposes. From employee onboarding to training, nothing is impossible with an LMS. But while we talk about acquiring knowledge, we can not forget the most important sector in that regard: the education sector. It includes institutions, apps for learning, etc., and is forecasted to reach $1.84 billion by the end of 2022.

As with any major sector, there are several trends that we are seeing for this year. These are the top trends influencing the education sector in 2022.


The online gaming revenue in 2022 is $26.29 billion, and the year is yet to end. This is because gaming is fun, engaging, and a popular pastime for many people worldwide, especially in the US. Gamification in an E-learning management system takes that interest and uses it for better learning. Plenty of educational experts and LMS developers have partnered up with game developers to help people learn and be entertained simultaneously.

Gamification is also not limited to one part of learning. It is being used to learn languages, vocabulary, coding, history, etc. From kids to adults, there is no age group that does not enjoy the gaming aspect added to digital learning. Even learning apps are becoming gamified like Coursera, Khan Academy, Duolingo, etc.

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Microlearning is one of the top trends in LMS for employee training and is now popular in digital learning for the educational sector too. Microlearning is also 17% more effective than traditional learning. This can be attributed to a person’s tendency to get distracted. Learning in short bursts makes absorbing the information easier and prevents learners from getting distracted or bored. It also stays on point and allows an individual to learn from bite-sized pieces of information. For younger students that would rather play over learn, if given a choice, microlearning can be extremely efficient.

online learning through videos on an LMS system


Social Learning

According to research, observational learning is important because it helps students learn exploratory strategies. Observing and analyzing patterns and events helps attain new knowledge and guides the learner to have more practical knowledge experiences. One of the newest educational trends is online social learning. Students can watch videos, play games, read blogs, go through the news, and more. This is an effective learning strategy because a learner can see what they have learned applied practically. Effective social learning is why many learning management systems are now focusing on integrated learning and multimedia.

Flexible Learning

The world is still recovering from the effects of the global pandemic. People are returning to their lives before or adapting to the new norm, which is freedom and flexibility. Learning is also a part of this flexibility. What followed a rigid structure now has more freedom. Students can learn based on their interests, availability, and mood. This reduces the stress of learning and lets them enjoy it. In addition, everyone has an equal opportunity to learn.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a revolutionary piece of technology. It offers an interactive experience to the user. It has transformed how we entertain ourselves and is now also transforming learning. Can you imagine how exciting school would have been if we weren’t just learning about dinosaurs through a wall of text but also in front of our eyes? Students today can have that by integrating VR technology into an E-learning management system. VR-based learning ecosystem includes graphics, an audio experience, content playing (gamification), etc. Museums and planetariums have started providing exclusive VR experiences, so why not the education sector too?

VR technology integrated into learning management system



Modern learning means recognizing that not everyone is the same and focusing on customized learning to cater to it. Commonly, user behavior data is collected and using machine learning, AI, and big data techniques, courses are customized accordingly. An LMS also allows you to create your courses, so teachers can use it to build courses for their students.

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