Top Applications of Augmented Reality Today

Estimates for growth in the augmented reality market indicate that the industry will reach $72.7 billion by 2024. One of the most important factors that are driving its growth is an increasing number of investments in the market by high-tech companies like Facebook Corporation, Samsung Group, Intel Corporation, Alphabet, Comcast Ventures and Qualcomm Inc.

Global financing of augmented and virtual reality technology is predicted to reach $160 billion due to more investments from commercial and public sectors.

Augmented reality (AR) is expected to be most prominent in a wide variety of industries with a primary interest in healthcare. Other industries that want to tap into AR tools such as product configuration and app development include manufacturing, education, real estate, automotive, and retail.

Some of the most popular uses of AR in commercial and public sectors include:

  • Training
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Retail showcasing

Consumer use cases include:

  • AR gaming

Public use cases include:

  • Lab and field education
  • Public Infrastructure maintenance
  • Anatomical diagnostics

Let’s take a look at how AR is being used in these industries currently.


Healthcare providers are interested in boosting the quality of treatment administered to patients using advanced AR technology.

Especially when it comes to diagnosing patients accurately and getting deeper insights into the human anatomy.

AR makes it possible to overlay CT scanned images over a patient and AR glasses make it possible to make surgeries minimally invasive.


AR is making learning more fun! This is true especially for more challenging and abstract concepts that require greater visualization tools.

It also makes learning more interactive and engaging for children and promotes the idea of self-teaching methods.

Children who tend to struggle with learning benefit from visual aids and feel more motivated to learn.


Real estate

Selling a home is made much easier with visual presentation that creates an immersive experience for prospective buyers.

It’s possible to view a home from all kinds of perspectives such as getting an aerial view, or being able to imagine an empty space the way a new owner would like to.

A virtual tour of the property is more desirable since it requires less effort but allows buyers to make a more informed decision.


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