Top In-Demand Skills for IT Staff Augmentation

Due to an increasing need to reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies in organizations through technological innovations, more and more companies are looking to supplement their in-house staff with experienced professionals through staff augmentation and project outsourcing. In fact, studies show that the IT outsourcing market is predicted to amount to $481.27 billion by 2022!

One of the biggest benefits of staff augmentation is the access it provides to a large pool of IT consultants, developers, and testers with highly specialized technical skills. This means that potential outsourced employees must have a solid grasp of popular programming languages in order to succeed in a competitive and collaborative environment.

In-demand programming languages

The first step in becoming an in-demand developer is to master as many programming languages as you can. While several programming languages are used in software development, a few distinguish themselves from the rest on account of their flexibility, easy-to-learn nature, and versatility.


As one of the most popular programming languages, businesses and staff augmentation companies of all sizes use JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development for interactive websites and applications. Programmers and developers love using a single language for development at all levels, because it reduces complexity and saves time.

A great example of a JavaScript-based mobile application is the ride-sharing app, Uber. The company uses Node.js—a JavaScript framework—to improve its driver matching system and increase the speed of their remote calls exponentially.


This object-oriented language makes use of garbage collection and automatic memory location to greatly reduce its learning curve. Additionally, the language’s integrated network capabilities make distributed computing seamless.

Java is widely used to build e-commerce applications, large-scale software, Android applications, and complex web servers. Java is also the backbone for the Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

Technical Skills

It’s also crucial that software developers have a wide range of technical skills. Extensive knowledge of data structures, databases, and algorithms will improve problem-solving skills and shorten development cycles.

Data structures and algorithms

Developers who clearly understand how computers execute programs and process information can rapidly identify optimized solutions for various development requirements.

This knowledge of data structures and algorithms allows programmers to analyze trade-offs between different solutions and their benefits.

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Modern programming languages, including C# and Ruby, have simplified database management to the extent that software engineers have started to underestimate its importance.

Poor database selection can cause performance bottlenecks, though, especially when large amount of records is fetched. In addition, incorrect data normalization can negatively impact data integrity and increase redundancies in data. Therefore, it’s crucial that developers understand application requirements and data models to come up with a solution that’s right for the project.

Top staff augmentation providers hire developers with outstanding database skills because it improves overall software performance. It not only simplifies software maintenance, but also saves the client’s money and helps companies stay lean agile and lean.

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