The Top Golden Rules of Video Content Marketing

A quick scroll through your social media accounts will reveal how the virtual world is slowly being infiltrated by videos. Like a virus fast spreading all over the worldwide web (viral videos, anyone?), video content is everywhere. It’s become an omnipresent, all-pervading phenomenon.

Think about it, in the course of a day, you are bound to watch or even come across at least tens of videos. Even data backs up this claim, with Cisco suggesting that come 2019, at least 80% of the world’s online traffic will be all video content!

Engaging infotainment content all packed neatly into a few minutes’ time? We’re up for it. So, do you want people to subscribe to your video content?

You’ll have to understand and follow these video content marketing rules first!

Put Yourself in Your Audience’s Shoes

First off, make content that you yourself would want to watch. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and think from their perspective. This may sound obvious but a lot of times, video content creators make videos not entirely aligned with the audience’s needs. Ask yourself: is your video in a place on the web where your ideal viewer will be? Is it intriguing enough to pull your target market in? Do you have a strong call-to-action so the viewer know what to do if they want more information or, even better, to make a purchase?

The answer to all these questions should be a resounding yes.

Going Beyond YouTube

While YouTube definitely is an effective video sharing site (we’ve all been occasionally sucked down for hours into the binge-watching vortex), it’s not the be-all and end-all of video sharing. While it is a great start, you need to go beyond YouTube in order for an effective video marketing campaign.

Embed your videos in your own blog posts and drive traffic to it through various SEM means. Use social media, pay per click advertising, email advertising, and more to generate web traffic for your video content. Think about all the various places on the internet your audience likes to congregate on and share your content there.

Don’t Just Leave It Hanging

Don’t leave your video content hanging there to dry out like laundry on a clothesline; it should compel viewers to take some form of action.

The best way to do that? CTA or Call to Action. Direct your audience about what the next step in the process is. For example, instead of letting the video fade out to black at the end, ask the viewers to contact you, download this or that, fill out a form, whatever your end goal is.

Do It Right

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