Top IT Outsourcing Best Practices

An increasing number of companies are outsourcing their IT functions in an attempt to reduce overhead costs. In fact, research shows that nearly 31% of all companies outsourced IT services in 2017. The trend is likely to continue mainly due to an increasing number IT managed service providers, that not only assist with cost-cutting, but also help the business improve their service quality.

In this article, we take a look at top IT outsourcing practices you should be following.

Build Trust

It’s crucial that you work with a competent partner who has the expertise, qualified staff, current methodologies, and testing experience. Building trust can be achieved in a number of ways including:

  • Starting off with a small pilot project to determine whether the company is capable enough. If they prove to be reliable, you can move forward with larger and more critical projects.
  • Working with an organization you have prior experience with.
  • Preferring organizations that have been recommended by people whose opinion you trust.

Part of finding reliable services relies on some degree of trial and error but considering the fact that 78 percent of businesses are comfortable with their outsourcing partners, it should not prove much of a problem.


Get a Dedicated Team

Finding success for long-term projects includes having dedicated resources. Many providers work using a model known as T&M or Time and Material.

Such a method is beneficial for the provider but includes constant changing of the team. Using multiple developers results in high-cost and time requirements. Dedicated teams work on a project from start to finish and although are slightly more expensive, they help the business to save up on money otherwise used for on-boarding and training costs.

Communicate Effectively

When it comes to any collaborative project, effective communication is vital. It helps staying aware of all updates and keeps everyone on the same page. At times, this can be difficult if the operations are outsourced abroad. The differences in time, language, culture, and quality of internet services can greatly impact the communication quality.


Collaboration between both teams is crucial in overcoming roadblocks, requirement changes, and development problems. Given the wide and easy access to communication tools, even if you’re unable to conduct face-to-face meetings, communication via email, phone calls, chat-rooms, and messaging tools are available.

Outsourcing helps free up a business’s time and resources which can then be focused on achieving the company’s goals. It also opens the doorway to gain access to intellectual capital. Think Technologies Group offers high-quality managed IT solutions coupled with adherence to the best industry practices acting as your strategic partner for achieving both short and long-term success.

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