Top Software Development Trends in 2019

As software and technology continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it has become difficult to remain on top of trends.

But it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies to ensure success—especially in the IT sector. Businesses who neglect new technologies will find that their products and services are becoming obsolete.

We understand that navigating through emerging technology can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Here are the top software development trends in 2019 and beyond that you should familiarize yourself with.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that’s become a highlight for decades and has made leaps in progression. Think Siri, Alexa, Bixby. AI enables machines to perform tasks that were previously restricted to human minds.

As the name suggests, AI-based software can think intelligently like humans. If coded properly, it can offer incredible accuracy, precision, and speed.

Many tech companies are investing in machine learning development services, owed to its promising future. In fact, Google says: “Machine Learning is the future”

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The Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR)—also referred to as complex reality (CR)—is the combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR. According to Statista, the MR industry is predicted to be valued at $209 billion by 2022. AR has shown promising results in the last few years due to its integration with smartphone applications.

On the other hand, VR requires hardware with the latest specifications but remains an on-demand option as it takes the user to a completely new world.

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Internet of things

The Internet of things (IoT) is the extension of Internet connectivity into a broad range of devices and everyday objects. It’s perhaps the most interesting trend in software development at the moment.

IoT technology is gaining massive traction in a variety of spheres such as banking, consumer goods, retail, manufacturing, and even healthcare.

IoT system encourages machine to machine (M2M) communication as physical devices remain in touch with one another, leading to higher quality and better efficiency.

It’s predicted that 90% of new cars will be IoT enabled by 2020.

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Blockchain is one of the trendiest technologies in the software industry, especially after the inception of digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In other words, blockchain can be defined as a chain of the block that carries information. It enables the secure transfer of contracts, money, property, etc., eliminating the requirement of intermediaries.

Blockchain has an extensive use in the finance industry, but it’s also paving its way in banking, healthcare, media, and the publishing sector.



As the requirement of larger DevOps and since continuous deployment has exponentially increased in recent years, microservices have become an extremely popular and trendy avenue to explore.

It basically serves as an architect for applications, allowing provision for service providers to offer more manageable applications.

For instance, it enables developers to update applications and software by deploying independent components rather than changing the entire application.

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