Trends Driving Changes in Online Food Ordering Industry

Over the past few years, the online food ordering industry has gone through a paradigm shift, mainly due to technology’s advents. Customers don’t rely on TV ads and phonebook directory to call restaurants.

Moreover, restaurants need to constantly keep up with modern-day consumers’ preferences to stay at the top of the competition.

Here are some trends driving changes in the online food ordering industry:

Millennials cruising the ship

In Canada, millennials account for 33 percent of total online purchases. When it comes to ordering food online, this number jumps to more than 50 percent, and it makes sense.

Due to their fast-paced lifestyle, millennials are more likely to order in rather than boomers. So, restaurants are focusing their efforts to cater to this tech-savvy demographic.

Millennials have higher expectations of their food delivery experience, including faster load times, a user-friendly interface, and easy checkout—which aren’t unreasonable demands. However, many restaurants fail to deliver a seamless experience and meet their expectations, which hurt their online sales.

Virtual restaurants on the rise

Many aspired restaurant owners in Canada are leveraging online platforms for their pilot plans before opening a full-fledged restaurant. Creating a virtual restaurant allows them to start a kitchen-only restaurant and take online orders before investing thousands of dollars to develop a full-fledged dining space.

Using online food ordering systems, they can deliver food to customers without incurring large overheads. It enables them to test their waters before moving on with their start-up. Using social media advertisement and creative marketing, they can reach local customers and earn decent profits that can be injected to start a proper restaurant.

Restaurants shifting to in-house food delivery channels

The availability of third-party platforms revolutionized the online food ordering segment over the last few years. It empowered new restaurants with no fleet and system to deliver food online to tap into this profitable niche.

But many restaurants are now realizing that they might have overestimated the benefits of registering with third-party apps.

In addition to hefty commissions, which significantly affect the profitability of restaurants, partnering with third-party food ordering services like Uber Eats prevent them from accessing customer data, which can be used to get useful insights about customer behaviour and provide a more personalized experience to customers.

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