Tried and Tested Ways To Grow Your Affiliate Program

One of the most difficult tasks for business owners can be recruiting affiliates for their business. Nevertheless, you are good to go if you have a well-laid out strategy that allows you to accomplish this goal with hundreds of publishers and affiliate marketers who have experience working in other affiliate programs as well.

But at times, regardless of the size or expertise of your affiliate workforce, you may find your program becoming stagnant.

With the help of LeadDyno, one of the best affiliate tracking software on the market, this article sheds light on tried and tested ways to make your affiliate program grow to new heights:

Are You Doing SEO?

When individuals are searching for niche affiliate programs online, here is where your SEO strategy will come into play. You need to be easily searchable on Google, Yahoo and all other popular search engines.

People should be able to find your membership page organically and should have the ability to sign up easily. Apart from hiring a team of SEO experts, you can create press releases announcing your affiliate program.

Down the line, when you have enough content posted on various websites, linking back to your website, your affiliate program page will start ranking on the top.

Try Out Facebook Ads!

One of the easiest ways to bring new affiliates onboard is to use Facebook ads. What’s special about Facebook ads is that you can target people who have shown interest in affiliate programs specifically. You can also target blogger communities and drive them to your program. In addition to this, the ability to market using content like videos, images and GIFs, allows you to come up with entirely new ways to create awareness for your program.

Have You Tried LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the perfect place to meet new people and introduce them to affiliate marketing. There is a wide variety of LinkedIn groups dedicated to affiliate marketing as well.

However, due to the professionalism practiced on the social network, you need to be really subtle while marketing your affiliate program. Once you interact with people and let them see where you work and what you do, they will possibly become interested. Often times, something as simple as asking them—would you be interested in becoming a part of a leading affiliate program and make a good commission—works wonders.

There you have it; some of the tried and tested ways to recruit affiliate and grow your program! What can make using these strategies even easier is an affiliate management platform that comes integrated with social media sharing plugin, like LeadDyno.

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