Why You Should Turn Your E-Commerce Store into a Mobile App

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 96 percent of Americans own some kind of mobile device and 81 percent own a smartphone.

The report also states that besides smartphones, Americans own a range of information devices, including laptops and tablets.

A Statista report shows that the worldwide business value of m-commerce is predicted to reach $700 billion by the end of 2019.

So, this gives birth to one question: why should you turn your e-commerce store into a mobile app? How will it help your business in the long run?

Brand Identity

Creating brand awareness is extremely important if you want your e-store to succeed. But in today’s world, where everything is accessible at the touch of a button, creating a mobile can help you create an identity for your brand.

Think about your favorite retail store. You can log onto their website at work but you would most likely want to browse through their app on your smartphone. Not only will this give you the option of browsing comfortably at your own pace, but you’ll also recommend the app to friends if it’s fast and efficient.


When your customers will use your mobile app, they’ll need to integrate their details in order to make purchases. This will help you improve your app and store because you can offer better suggestions based on their browsing pattern and purchasing history.

Easier Options for Different Payment Methods

When a client uses a different computer, they might need to re-enter their credentials on your store’s website. But when they’re using a mobile app, all of their information will be stored on your database. They can easily access this information.

This is especially beneficial if you offer different payment methods. Whether your customers prefer using their credit card or cash-on-delivery, all of this information will be stored on the app.

When your customers open the app, they won’t have to select the payment method differently. They can simply proceed with the purchase.

The Upshot

Creating a mobile app for your e-store can help you connect with a diverse target audience. Since most people prefer to shop online using their smartphones or tablets, a mobile app can help you improve your services and boost ROI.

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