What type of Injection Molding does your Product Need?

Injection molding is an Electro-Mechanical Procedure used to produce mass products like toys, bottle caps, syringes, housing supplies, medical supplies, etc. But if you are new to the product development game, it would be hard for you to decide what Injection Molding you should select.

This article discusses various types of injection molding that can help you decide what type of injection molding would be suitable for your project.

1- Cube Molding

Cube Molding is an injection molding procedure mainly used to produce circular plastic parts like round toys or bottle caps. The lower part rotates on the machine’s base in cube molding, while the top rotates on the upper machine’s top tiers.

Molded components are formed through different combinations of rotation stages. If you produce circular products in a large amount, then this injection molding technique is for your business.

2- Die Casting

Another type of commonly-used Injection Molding is Die Casting. In die casting, molten metal is forced into molds under high pressure and temperature. Normally two different kinds of machines are used in the die casting procedures. These machines include hot-chamber die casting and cold-chamber die casting.

Most of the time, hot-casting machines are used with tin, lead, and zinc-based alloys. Cold-casting machines are only used when the material being used is alloys of aluminum, magnesium, and copper.

However, die-casting injection molding costs a lot. Brands that don’t have a mass production volume will suffer huge economic losses if they select die casting as a manufacturing procedure. Die casting is ideal for mass production brands that develop various alloy-based products.

3- Micro Injection Molding

Micro-injection molding is an injection molding process that uses plastic as the molding material. Through micro injection molding, plastic components with a weight range of 1 to 0.1 grams are manufactured. In micro injection molding, a micro product is made through micro injection molding machines.

If you manufacture products that require accuracy and precision, you should select micro injection molding. Micro Injection molding works better for very small products with complicated geometry and design.

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Once you have chosen an injection molding technique for your product, it’s time to look for a service that provides affordable and effective Injection Molding services.

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