An Ultimate Guide To Personal Productivity

Achieving optimum personal productivity levels can have a huge impact on your life. The feeling of making progress towards your goals and hard work ultimately makes you happy. The sense of satisfaction you get when you see your efforts bearing fruit can’t be described.

Here are some tips you can follow to increase your productivity levels and make your life easier and organized.

Avoid Temptations

This can be hard, especially with social media at your fingertips. Start by switching off your phone during working hours or keeping it far away. Not having your phone nearby will help resist the temptation of checking your Twitter feed or scrolling through your Instagram.

Schedule A Time For House-Keeping Tasks

We all have routine tasks to do which are not as important as our other work. However, we still need to cross them off our list. Schedule a time to complete these tasks, instead of doing them throughout the day. Pick a time of day when you feel that you’re tired or unproductive and do these tasks in that block. This way, you’ll feel productive even if you’re not up for complex work.

Take Frequent Breaks

Knocking off all your work in one go will make you feel tired. Therefore, it’s important to take regular breaks as it will help you refuel and refresh yourself. Make sure you stick to your planned break times. Taking long and unnecessary breaks will only make you unproductive.

Maintain A Routine

A healthy routine will streamline your day, making you feel more organized and motivated. Everyone is different; therefore, it is vital to create a routine that works well for you. Following a tough routine will cause anxiety and stress, leading to an unproductive life.

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Maintain A Digital Planner and Calendar

Maintaining a physical to-do list and calendar can be stressful, especially when you’re extremely busy. However, there is a way that you can do things more efficiently- by using digital planning and a calendar app.


You can add all your notes to your planner and create your schedule without having to carry a physical notebook everywhere. Paper planners can be heavy to carry. If you have your digital planner installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can carry them around easily, anywhere you like.


Calendar apps, such as Aspire are a great tool to stay organized. You can make your schedules, to-do lists, or any tasks from your mobile. Digital planners are useful in remembering your daily tasks. You can create constant reminders for your to-do list, which will help you to stay on top of your work.

If you’re looking for productivity and time-management apps then check out Aspire. Their digital planner app allows you to create specific templates to suit your needs. You can upload pdf calendars and digital notebooks from Etsy into Aspire.

Furthermore, you can sync all your calendars into a single app. It’s one of the best productivity apps in the U.S, which can help you stay organized.

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