Understanding Different Types of Social Media and How Each Benefits Your Business

Considering the current economic paradigm, it’s not hard to believe that social media can move your business forward. The unprecedented digital advancements in recent years have made it inevitable for businesses to establish their online presence.

Starting as an online entertainment tool, social media has emerged as a highly important platform for online businesses to connect with their competitors and potential customers. Marketers from leading global businesses have acknowledged the importance of social media for their businesses.

According to Statista, approximately 91.9% of US marketers (from companies with more than 100 employees) were expected to market their business via social media platforms.

Another survey found that 55% of small businesses in the US use social media for online advertisement.

If you’re considering to kick start your online business or looking to grow it further, this is the best time. In this piece, we’ll have a look at different types of social media and how they can help you accelerate your business growth.

Blogging Networks

a person writing a blog

a person writing a blog

Want to build brand awareness? Blogging is the best way to establish business authenticity. Google doesn’t rank businesses based on their revenue or marketing investments.

If you share informative blogs for your target customers, you’ll rank higher and more people will know about your business. You can share your business’s vision and mission through blog posts, but make sure the content is authentic and inspiring.

Posting informative blogs about your business on multiple blogging networks will help you reach out to different types of customers and increase audience engagement on your website. You can add a call to action to your blog and share your website link. By implementing this practice you’ll be able to direct more people to your website and increase customer engagement.

You can also use blogging networks to look at how your competitors are working. Try not to copy their style but use it as a reference to create outstanding content.

Media Sharing Networks


According to stats from July 2021, there are almost 4.48 billion social media users worldwide. This makes up almost 57% of the total global pollution.

You can share your products, infographics, and services through attractive posts and attract a random audience. Media sharing networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to analyze your audience’s behavior on your business page and design the posts accordingly. You can not only understand their decision patterns but also communicate with them through live chatbots. Media sharing networks are one of the best places to generate leads.

Short advertisement clips and interesting videos about your business can substantially help a business in increasing its brand awareness. You can use YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, or even Snapchat to share videos about your business. In addition to promoting your business, their platforms can also help you earn a side income.

It’s, however, important to note here that the platforms like Instagram and YouTube, can only benefit your business if you develop an advanced campaign strategy and craft all your posts accordingly. Stuffing your channel with irrelevant information may harm your business reputation.

Online Reviews



What’s the first thing you do when planning to go to a restaurant? Most people rely on online reviews to decide where to go. Platforms like Urbanspoon and Yelp have become increasingly popular for this purpose.

In addition to restaurants and hotels, location-based review services have also become increasingly important for other businesses such as traveling, clothing, fashion, etc. You can create your business listing on customer review websites and share information about your business.

It’s quite understandable, that some bad reviews about your business can damage your business reputation. But, technically speaking, you can turn the tables around by tactfully dealing with dissatisfied customers on these websites. This way, more people will understand that you take your customers seriously and promptly respond to their concerns. Tactful handling of reviews will help you build your business credibility and present it in a newer light.

Discussion Forums

Want to build a network of reliable suppliers and customers? Join a business discussion forum. Businesses typically grow with word of mouth.

If you’re new to the online world, discussion forums can be the best place to start. You can connect with potential business partners, sponsors, and customers through these platforms.

Signing up on a discussion forum and regularly interacting with other users can open a new door of opportunities for your business. You can connect with other businesses of your industry on these platforms and collaborate with them to accomplish mutual goals.

Some popular forums you can join for promoting your business include Reddit, Quora, EntrepreneurFix, and Startup Nation. You’ll find a bustling community of financiers and entrepreneurs on these platforms where you’ll be able to share business ideas and seek advice from experienced professionals at the same time.

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