Understanding the Gen Z Consumer: Technology is the Way

The oldest members of Gen Z have graduated from college or are in their early 20s. Accounting for 27% of the USA’s population, Gen Z is a force to be reckoned with. Known as the thrifty generation, most of Gen Z hasn’t known a world without smartphones.

So, when you’re selling to them—how do you meet their expectations?

Provide Value and Convenience

Growing up with tech, Gen Z is all about convenience. They’re the generation most likely to respond to technological offerings—so if your brand offers some cutting-edge technology or your website is easy to navigate through, they’ll appreciate it.

If you want to capture a Gen Z audience, you’ll need to focus on developing an interactive mobile UX interface that’s super easy to use and navigate through. Gen-Z prefers individualized and thoughtful shopping experiences tailored to them, allowing them to create a unique experience.

Use Social Media

Gen Z is obsessed with social media. So, if you want to grow your business to attract the young—you’ll really need to up your social media game. Working with social media “influencers” such as TikTok stars or YouTube stars can be a great way to get your brand and message across to Gen Z. The best way to capture this generation is through an influencer who’s able to understand their humour, their likes, and their age.

They often skip traditional ads and use streaming sites such as Netflix—so, you’ll be losing out on a lot if you don’t invest in digital marketing. Gen-Z also prefers a brand to be authentic, trustworthy, and transparent—so try to create a unique relationship with them through digital media.


Tap into AR

Augmented Reality or AR adds digital content to a live camera feed, making the digital content look like the material world. It enhances the users’ experience of the physical world through a range of digital inputs such as sounds, video, graphics, and even GPS overlays. AR is a guaranteed way to capture and maintain a Gen Z audience that values convenience and technology above all else. Not only does AR make things more accessible, but it’s also practical and useful for the fast-paced lives of Gen-Z consumers.

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